Rush Limbaugh exposed bias of left-wing media before most Americans realized it: Larry Elder

Larry Elder: Rush Limbaugh ‘taught us about the drive-by, biased media’

Radio host Larry Elder discusses the life and legacy of conservative icon Rush Limbaugh.

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh exposed how “biased” the left-wing media was long before most people realized it, radio host Larry Elder said on Thursday.

“One of the many, many, many things he did, of course, was to put the left-wing media on trial,” Elder told “Fox & Friends.”

Elder said that people did not realize “how bad the media was” until Rush Limbaugh came along and started shedding light on the bias.


He said that the Washington Post had never editorialized in favor of a Republican president and The New York Times has not done it since 1956. 

“I remember when Rush Limbaugh first became national, he got a deal with the Florida Citrus Growers to do a commercial to advertise oranges. And he got hammered and the citrus growers got hammered and they pulled it off the air pretty soon.”

Elder said that’s when “he first realized that people who hate Republicans like Rush Limbaugh not only dislike them, but they also want to destroy their ability to make a living.”

Limbaugh, the monumentally influential media icon who transformed talk radio and politics in his decades behind the microphone, helping shape the modern-day Republican Party, died Wednesday morning at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.

Elder recalled when Limbaugh got caught up in controversy for a comment about quarterback Donovan McNabb on ESPN.

“He made a comment about Donovan McNabb, the Black quarterback, and said something like, people pull for him, they want him to succeed. Whether he’s good or bad, irrelevant. They want him to succeed because he’s a Black quarterback and he got hammered for that.” 


Elder recalled that some sports writers defended Limbaugh’s statement, arguing that the media does pull for Black quarterbacks to succeed.

“Where was that guy when Rush Limbaugh needed him? This is what Rush Limbaugh taught us about the drive-by media, how biased they are, and their influence on the way people vote and think. Huge. He’s an amazing man.”

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