Shocking moment elderly man drives his mobility scooter on busy motorway in front of speeding HGVs

THIS is the shocking moment an elderly man took his mobility scooter on a motorway for a quick joyride.

Dash cam footage shows the pensioner cruising along a busy motorway in front of massive heavy goods vehicles.

The video was captured by a passenger last Wednesday while travelling along the A63, near the Humber Bridge in Hull.

Passing vehicles are forced to swerve in order to miss the old motorist, while truck drivers can be seen slamming on their brakes.

Ryan McPherson, who captured the dangerous situation, can be heard saying: "Only in Hull".

He said later: "It was shocking and I'm just worried for the old gentleman who is putting himself and others in danger."

Under Rule 46 of the Highway Code, mobility scooters must not be used on unrestricted dual carriageways where the speed limit exceeds 50mph.

But if being used, users should have an amber flashing light to warn other drivers that they're on the road.

Drivers of mobility scooters should always take care when travelling on the road as you're likely to be travelling more slowly than other traffic and may be less visible.

A spokeswoman for Safer Roads Humber told This is Money: "There are several different types of mobility scooter.

"They are able to use the public highway depending on the class of the vehicle so our advice would be to be mindful of them.

"If you come across something unexpected on the carriageway, you should drive safely around them."

It's not the first time an elderly person has been caught driving on a packed highway.

An Australian man was recently captured driving along a 60mph ride, seemingly oblivious to the danger around him.

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