Texas resident says border 'has never been closed,' pushes back on Biden admin's claims

Texas resident says the border ‘has never been closed,’ despite Biden administration’s claims

Fox News enterprise reporter Lawrence Jones and a Brackettville, Texas resident address the migrant surge.

A Brackettville, Texas resident said on Wednesday that the southern border is not closed, despite claims from the Biden administration.

“It has never been closed,” Kelly Perry told “Fox & Friends” enterprise reporter Lawrence Jones.

Perry said she’s concerned about the lack of vetting of thousands of migrants.

“Since Biden took office, the murders, it’s the highest rate in the last 40 years and people question whether it was ‘defund the police.’ … The truth is that when a person comes into the United States, they come from 151 countries,” Perry said.

Perry said that unless migrants committed a crime prior to them coming through the processing center, they are not in the United States’ criminal database. 

“It doesn’t matter if they are murderers, sex predators, cartel, it doesn’t matter if they are not in our database. They are allowed in,” she said.

Failure by the Biden administration to adequately address the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border could result in far greater numbers of people trying to enter the U.S., an anti-corruption activist in Guatemala is warning, according to a report.

“You will have 1 million people at the border,” activist Manfredo Marroquin, who met with Vice President Kamala Harris when she visited Central America earlier this year, told the Los Angeles Times in a story published Wednesday.

To get a sense of what that would mean, the recent incident that strained local resources in Del Rio, Texas, after large groups of people gathered under a bridge, involved about 15,000 migrants.

Marroquin argued that the “root causes” of migration, which Harris has pledged to tackle in her role as the Biden administration’s manager of the U.S. response to the migrant crisis, have only worsened since Harris’ June visit, according to the report.

He called for greater engagement by the U.S. to address the problem, the Times reported.

Fox News’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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