The 3 bizarre signs a burglar could be targeting your home – and what to do about it

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Protecting your home from burglary is the top priority for homeowners and renters up and down the country. Even as home surveillance systems get more sophisticated, there are still a number of ways you can foil a burglar before they even manage to get in the door, according to home security experts Boundary.

House marking

House marking is a common tactic burglars use to signal things about the property and its occupants to their network.

Experts from Boundary revealed to “For example, a triangle symbol is used to show a single woman lives in the property on her own, making the house an easier target.

“A circle symbol usually indicates a potential site for burglary, whereas a circle with a line through it usually means the property should be avoided; for example, if they have security cameras or an obvious alarm system.

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“Vertical lines usually imply that a house has obvious valuables, making it a worthwhile risk for a burglar.

“Also keep an eye out for letters: ‘M’ indicates a morning break-in, whereas ‘N’ means a night-time intrusion.

“More generally, if you notice any sort of mark appear on the outside of your home, stay alert.”

A more bizarre signal your house is at risk from being burgled, finding kidney beans on your doorstep means robbers could be checking out your house.

Experts from Boundary told “As bizarre as it may sound, one of the most recent tactics believed to be a sign that a house is on a burglar’s radar is leaving a spilt can of kidney beans on the doorstep.

“Although you may presume it’s just kids messing around, this move is no prank and is supposedly used to test whether a property is occupied or not.

“After all, you wouldn’t leave a spilt tin of kidney beans at your front door; so if you do, it soon becomes clear that you’re not in.”

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Fake emergencies

Burglars will use your most altruistic instincts to catch you out – such as staging an emergency in front of your house.

This can be used to get access to the house, either by turfing you out or using it to scope out your home.

Boundary experts said: “Burglars are known for faking emergencies, for example, their car has broken down or their phone has died and they need to charge it.

“Essentially, they’ll think of anything that will give them access to your home to scope it out.

“Obviously, it’s important to help others in a time of need, but just remember that shouldn’t be at the expense of your own safety.”


Salespeople turning up on your doorstep is an uncommon practice these days – and therefore a signal robbers may be looking to target you.

Boundary experts said: “If they offer anything that involves gaining access to your property – such as window cleaning or roof repairs – it’s probably best you turn them down.

“Do a background check before letting anyone into your home.”

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