The cheapest cars to insure for young drivers – from Peugeot to Volkswagen

YOUNG drivers are almost always hit with huge premiums due to their inexperience and age when it comes time to insure their motor.

Cover providers often spike up their prices so much that it's common for new motorists to spend more on insurance than they do on the motor itself.

The amount you fork out for insurance depends on a range of factors, such as your job, age and even where you keep your car.

So it is essential that you buy the right motor to keep your premium as low as possible.

A recent investigation by Marmalade has revealed the cheapest cars on the market for new motorists.

Leading the way is the Peugeot 107, which only costs drivers in the 17 to 24-year-old age bracket £1,114 for a 12 month policy.

The small motor can even be picked for as low as £740 for a 17-year-old who has recently got their provisional licence.

The Citroen C1 is another affordable option when it comes to cover, with the French model only costing £1,181 for young drivers.

The small motor is relatively cheap to run and is a pleasure to drive thanks to its light steering.

Drivers looking to cut their expenses can also find a bargain in the Toyota Aygo, with insurance only costing £1,182.

It was followed by the Ford Ka (£1,225), Fiat 500 (£1,281), Vauxhall Corsa (£1,342), Volkswagen Polo (£1,347) and Renault Clio (£1,362).

Crispin Moger, chief executive of Marmalade, said: "Insurance costs can be significant for young drivers, so we always encourage them to consider how much this will be before purchasing their vehicle.

"They might feel like they have bagged a bargain with their car, but if insurance costs are high – for example if it is lacking modern safety features – it can be a false economy."

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