The 'Justice for J6' Rally Was a Flop But Taxpayers Still Got Stuck With a Hefty Bill

Even though Capitol Insurrection 2: Electric Boogaloo, also known as the “Justice for J6” rally, was a total flop with more media and law enforcement than attendees, taxpayers still got stuck with a hefty bill for the security around the event: $790,000.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that local governments and the National Guard spent an estimated $792,500 on their efforts to help Capitol Police ensure the September 18th event was not a repeat of January 6th. That total does not even include Capitol Police expenses or the cost to erect a perimeter fence near the Capitol. The event was organized by a group called Look Ahead America, which has connections to former President Trump’s campaign. It was meant as a show of support for the people being prosecuted for the violent insurrection.

Jenny Reed, D.C.’s director of Office of Budget and Performance Management, told the Post that D.C. police spent approximately $580,000 to cover the event. She added that the Department of Public Works laid out around $19,700, and D.C.’s Department of Transportation spent a “pretty marginal” amount. But, she said, the grand total may be higher, as other agencies across the city are still calculating their costs associated with the event.

The Defense Department told the paper it spent around $153,000 on the rally. Police forces from Northern Virginia and Maryland were also present, and some said they intend to submit to the federal government for reimbursement of their expenses. Capitol Police told the Post that they expect to publicly release their costs for the event sometime in December.

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