‘Unbelievable!’ Couple surprise Dave Ramsey by paying off their two children’s mortgage


On a video posted on The Ramsey Show – Highlights YouTube channel in 2018, Dave Ramsey was delighted to speak to the couple about how they were able to pay off their $984,000 (around £716,799.72) debt over a ten-year period. Amir and Connie also revealed on the show that they will be paying off their children’s mortgages too.

The money saving expert replied: “Wow, unbelievable.

“You guy’s a changing your family tree big time.

“They own homes now! Touchdown baby, that’s as good as it gets.”

When explaining why they did this, Amir said: “We were really clear that the best thing we can leave to our kids is the wisdom to know how to handle their lives.

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“I look up to them, they have their finances together and everything else in their life, so we figured we want to get them off to a great start.”

Amir and Connie opened their own practice called The Ghannad Group as a way to help others with their leadership development, as well as helping them reach their goals.

They guide leaders to create “extraordinary cultures” which is supposed to deliver “breakthrough results and unprecedented fulfilment”.

The Ghannad Group is a family run business so Amir and Connie work alongside their children, Naveed 30, and Nassim, 29.

Before opening up their practice, Amir and Connie had an income between $165,000 – $300,000 (around £120,195.08 – £218,536.50), however once they started their business, they were able to amass over $1million.

Connie is the “main engine” behind the family’s success, and she explained how she became determined to be debt free and the steps she took.

Whilst watching a reality show, a family of 10 were asked how they were able to afford such a big family, and they answered because they are debt free. Connie wanted that for herself as she only had two kids, so she believed it was possible.

After doing research, she signed up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU).

FPU is a nine-lesson course that teaches people how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for their futures.

Connie signed up to FPU ten years ago, and said “it’s history from there”.

Amir said: “Very quickly we paid off a little bit of debt that we had from student loans, our children and credits so about $16,000 (around £11,654.96).

“But the house has been the albatross. We bought this house before we met you [Mr Ramsey] and we thought, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into’ and we were upside down but we decided to use our house to be a blessing to other people and hold classes and all of that.

“On September 17 we were able to write that check and make it all happen.”

When asked about the secret to paying off debt, Connie said: “Being on the same page and sticking with it.

“My goal was to be right here where I am today and do this debt free scream.

“So, looking at that, and watching you online really made a difference.

“And before you tell people to let out their debt free screams you say, ‘Believe that it can happen, it does happen, every day in America.’

“That phrase brought tears to my eyes because I believed that it could happen, and it did for us, and it can happen for anybody who puts these steps in order.”

The money saving expert replied: “What did it was the perseverance and pushing through and pushing through [over the 10 years].”

Their house is worth $650,000 (around £473,482.75) and the family have other investments such as 401k adding to their net worth.

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