Wallpaper: ‘Do’s and don’ts’ when DIYing to ‘do a room justice’ – top tips

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The fitted furniture experts at Online-Bedrooms.co.uk have looked at the things Britons should and shouldn’t do when giving a room a new look with wallpaper. They suggested trying before you buy with samples and making sure the walls are well-prepared beforehand. 

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk said: “Wallpapering is an art and is nowhere near as straightforward as putting a bit of paint on the walls.

“There are simple do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to planning your room and getting started.

“There are obvious, practical tasks like prepping the walls and making sure you have the necessary equipment, and others including defining a space with the wallpaper you pick and if you are DIYing, starting with a small space.”

Just like DIYers would with paint, the experts recommended trying samples on the wall before buying.

They said: “Live with them for a few weeks, see them at different times of the day with different lighting.”

It was also recommended to plan ahead, measuring out the space the wallpaper will be going in to make sure you are buying enough.

Batch numbers should also be checked, to make sure each roll is from the same batch to make sure they are exactly the same.

The experts continued: “Prep the walls…walls need to be in a decent condition before you hang wallpaper.

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“Strip any existing wallpaper and if the walls are newly plastered, cover with a wall sealer. Patch up any holes too and take down all wall fixtures.

“Start small too. If this is your first time hanging wallpaper, start small.

“Have a go on a small wall first before deciding to paper a whole room.”

The furniture experts said wallpaper is great for defining a space, for example, in an open-plan living area.

Hanging wallpaper can be stressful and a lot of things can be forgotten about, including buying equipment.

The experts said: “You need more than wallpaper and glue to do a room justice.

“Make sure you have step ladders to reach those top corners, a sponge and a pasting table.

“Other equipment you’ll need includes a tape measure, pasting brush, plumb line, trimming knife, wallpaper scissors and a wallpaper hanging brush.”

It was also recommended to take time when picking a design.

If looked after, wallpaper can last three times as long as paint and so rushing into picking a design is a bad idea.

The experts explained: “You can’t just slap a layer of paint over it if you change your mind.

“Take time to pick the design right for your space and one that isn’t going to date quickly.

“Avoid papering the whole room in a bold design, it’ll be too overpowering and you’re bound to tire of it quickly.

“Don’t even try to put wallpaper up in the bathroom or kitchen.

“There are too many items in the way to get the paper looking perfect and its much harder to do a good job in a small space.”

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