Warren Reassesses Path Forward for 2020 Race: Campaign Update

Elizabeth Warren is meeting with aides to reassess the state of her presidential bid, according to sources close to the campaign.

The Massachusetts senator feel short on Super Tuesday, even coming in third in her home state.

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Clyburn Says It’s Time to Let Biden Be Biden (8:36 a.m.)

Jim Clyburn wants to let Biden be Biden.

The influential South Carolina representative, whose endorsement propelled Joe Biden to a commanding win, said that he thinks the former vice president was “a little too robotic” in the beginning of his campaign.

In an interview on CNN, Clyburn said that he thinks criticism of Biden’s habit of touching people caused him to hold back, which cramped his campaigning style.

“He is a guy who is very affectionate,” he said.

Going forward, Clyburn said he wants to see Biden “loosen up” and “look into the cameras” so that voters can feel like he knows them.

“I want to see him do exactly what he did the night of the victory in South Carolina,” he said.

Anti-Dairy Protester Gets the Boot (5:41 a.m.)

Biden and Sanders both showed strength Tuesday night, but not the two you’re thinking of.

When protesters charged the stage at a Joe Biden event in Los Angeles, his wife Jill Biden and spokeswoman Symone Sanders fought them off.

The anti-dairy protesters, who have been at other events this primary, were holding signs that said “let dairy die.”

Jill Biden blocked one with her body, while Sanders jumped on stage and dragged another away.

Biden does not yet have Secret Service protection. The protection is offered to leading candidates based on risk. They usually have by the summer.

Coming Up

Six states hold primaries March 10.

Democratic candidates debate again in Phoenix on March 15.

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