Woman shares ‘fascinating’ way she boosts income – earning up to £200 a day

Martin Lewis explains how to get a free item from Greggs

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For someone like Eileen Donaghey who is obsessed with customer service, mystery shopping is the perfect side hustle. But is it really possible to make a decent amount of money from it?

32-year-old Eileen hosts luxury afternoon tea experiences and has a website dedicated to how to host the perfect event.

In her spare time, however, she has diversified into mystery shopping which is the perfect side hustle for her as she is obsessed with customer experience.

For her mystery shopping has been a lot of fun and she has enjoyed getting out and about to places she might not otherwise have thought of.

Eileen said: “I find it fascinating the effort huge brands go to on their customer service but it’s let down by some sales associates who either haven’t been trained properly or aren’t interesting.”

She added: “I love getting emails asking for availability because I find it so fascinating.

“I once was sent to a very high end skin boutique and the service was terrible.

“I took great enjoyment in writing that review!

“It can be nerve wracking having to remember all the points you need to cover but ultimately it’s a great experience and really boosts your confidence.”

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Depending on how much time someone has to spare, they could earn up to £200 a day as a mystery shopper and they don’t have to be a shopaholic, although it certainly helps.

It could be the dream job for retirees, single parents or anyone looking to make an extra income in 2022.

Eileen used the opportunity to cover her travel expenses into town but says that there is more of a demand in big towns and cities.

She has some useful advice for others considering trying mystery shopping for the first time.

She said: “People should just give it a try and see.

“It’s such good fun and it is a good way of building up your confidence as well.”

Eileen loves to find new ways to make money and she bought her first property with her partner in September.

As well as mystery shopping, she is a big advocate of cashback websites, ordering in bulk and buying second hand clothes from charity shops.

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Because people are given the option of when and how many projects to take on, mystery shopping can be the perfect side hustle for lots of people from parents to pensioners.

Some of the tasks involve checking how businesses welcome families with children, so it might even be possible to take children along to some jobs.

69-year-old pensioner Keith Grinstead told Express.co.uk that mystery shopping not only kept boredom at bay but made him feel like an undercover spy.

He said: “Playing ‘secret squirrel.’ What could be more fun?”

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